Transfer of ownership
   During the purchase of your Jack Russell you should receive a Litter Registration Certificate. This is essentially a birth certificate that verifies the Sire, Dam and Breeder. This document is your proof of purchase.
Ownership of your Jack Russell, indicated on the Litter Registration Certificate, is vested in the breeder. To affectivity transfer the ownership into the new owner's name, the application form on the Certificate needs to be completed and forwarded to the SAJRR. After receiving the dually completed application and applicable fees, the SAJRR generates a pedigree certificate with the new owner as the registered owner. This certificate is your proof of ownership.


   Two options are available for pedigree certificates; a pedigree certificate with either a three or four generation family history.

Registration of Breeders
   If you are considering registering with the SAJRR please contact us directly and the necessary application forms will be forwarded to you. You will also receive a copy of our Code of Ethics, which should be understood, and signed. Your application will be evaluated after receiving the dually completed application form, signed Code of Ethics and the applicable fees. Successful applicants will be registered as breeder and will receive their membership number and all other required documentation for the registration of future puppies.


Other registration bodies
   The SAJRR does not form part or is not associated with the Kennel Union of South Africa or the South African Jack Russell Terrier Club. The SAJRR is an independent body and membership is optional. Because of different breed standards followed, registration bodies do not always accept other bodies' registration. Transfer of registration from the above-mentioned bodies to SAJRR is usually approved.