The aim of this page is to give everybody the opportunity to share the fun and great times they are having with their Jack Russells. This page is for you and we welcome and encourage everybody to share his or her laughs, joy and fun on the web.

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Photo Gallery
   Our Photo gallery contains photographs of Jack Russells taken by you. Please forward that crazy, hysterical, stupid, ugly, shameful, dressed-up, cute, adorable and action photographs to us and we will publish them in our gallery for everybody to enjoy.

   Our newsletter is aimed at providing information to everybody regarding current, local and international Jack Russell news. If you have any newsworthy story or idea please forward it to us and we would consider it for publishing in our newsletter. All contributions are welcomed.

   There is always a great demand for new fun recipes that our Jack Russells love. We have started the recipe page with a well-known recipe that most of our Jack Russells enjoy. Please share your secret recipes with as and we will inform the world!